Welcome to PSU Computer Systems Lab

We work at the intersection of cutting-edge technologies inĀ  hardware, systems software, and applications spanning a diverse spectrum of environments – from those in the enterprise-oriented server/storage devices to those in the embedded domain. In addition to enhancing performance – which has been the norm – our research addresses the increasingly important concerns of reducing power consumption, improving reliability/availability, and making systems easier to use and manage. Our research uses a combination of analytical modeling and simulation of these complex systems, on the one hand, and design, implementation, and experimental evaluation of realistic prototypes of these systems, on the other.

Our research areas include:

  • Architectures for High Performance, High Confidence and Low Power
  • Cloud Computing and Datacenters
  • Storage Systems and Intelligent Memory Hierarchy
  • Scalable Cluster and Parallel Computing
  • Resource-Constrained and Mobile Computing
  • Computing for Energy and Sustainability Management