PhD Students

MS Students


PhD (with first employment)

Postdoctoral Fellows (with first employment)

  • Jeong Hwan Choi, Sept. 2007-Aug. 2008 (Post-Doctoral Researcher of CS, KAIST)
  • Euiseong Seo, Sept. 2007-Jan. 2009, (Asst. Prof. of ECE, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST))

M.S. (with first employment)

  • Farshid Farhat, Thesis: Stochastic Modeling and Optimization of Stragglers in MapReduce Framework., (pursuing PhD), 2015.
  • Paul Bily, 2013.
  • Kanishk Jain, Fall 2008. (Cisco, Inc.)
  • Arjun R. Nath, Fall 2008. (Intel Corp.)
  • Dharani Sankar Vijayakumar, Fall 2008. (VMWare)
  • Srinath Sridharan, Fall 2008. (Ph.D Course, U of Wisc Madison)
  • Amitayu Das, 2007. (Cisco, Inc.)
  • Nandagopal Kirubananthan, Memory Energy Characterization and Optimization for the SPEC2000 Benchmarks, 2001. (Motorola Corp.)
  • Balaji Viswanathan, OS Paging Issues for DRAM Energy Management, 2001.
  • Ajit Banerjee, Implementation and Evaluation of MPI over Myrinet, 1999. (Inktomi Corp.)
  • Ajay Hampapur, Adaptive Subpaging Schemes, 1999. (Cisco Systems)
  • Ji Jin, Techniques for Analyzing Range Queries on R-Trees, 1999. (Microstrategy Inc.)
  • Rongqing Lu, Towards an Efficient Implementation of Parallel Spatial Joins Using R-Trees, 1999. (Inktomi Corp.)
  • Nareshkumar Rajkumar, Design and Implementation of MPI for Myrinet on Windows NT, 1999. (Sybase Corp.)
  • Rajagopal Subrahmaniam, Implementing Coscheduling Heuristics for Windows NT Clusters, 1999. (Unisys Corp.)
  • Harsh Parandekar, Impact of Access Control Techniques and Subpaging Parameters on Application Performance, 1998. (Cisco Systems)
  • Mangesh Kasbekar, pSNOW: A Tool to Evaluate Architectural Issues for NOW Environments, 1998. (Akamai)
  • Dale Seed, MU-Net: Protected User-level Communication for Myrinet, 1997. (Intel Corporation)
  • Manjunath Bangalore, Remote Subpaging Across a Fast Network, 1997. (Cisco Systems)

B.S. Honors Thesis

  • Marc Khadpe, Simulation of Scheduling Strategies for a Network of Workstations, 1999.
  • David J. Rudda, Impact of User-level Messaging Parameters on Application Performance, 1999.
  • James I. Bognar, LIONGUIDE: A Road Map Application for Handheld and Mobile Devices, 2001.
  • Alan R. Effrig, Application-level CPU Energy Management for Handheld Devices, 2001.
  • Jason H. Ganetsky, Garbage Collection for Content-Addressable Parallel File Systems, 2006.
  • Cheryl Jerozal, A Comparison of the Effect of Cache Size on Hit Ratio of Popular Cache Replacement Algorithms, 2006.
  • Evan Driscoll, 2006.