Short guideline for Phoenics

Short guideline for Phoenics

Phoenics runs on both MS Windows and Unix workstation. The method of activating the Phoenics depends on operating system but here we will show MS Windows case.

Step 1. The user should double-click on the Pheonics icon, labelled ‘PHOENICS-VR’ in the Windows Desktop.

Or clik ‘Start’ followed by ‘Program’, ‘PHOENICS’ and ‘PHOENICS-VR’.

The following execution with appropriate commands as described, will display the following.

Step 2. Now user can load q1 file, which is generated by TheromoStat, to Phoenics system. This is done by cliking on file button in the top bar. Users should click ‘Open Existing Case…’ as in figure below.

Step 3. To continue the simulation, the user needs to start solver. The solver can be started with ‘Run’ button. Users should click ‘Solver’ as in figure below.

When the user starts ‘solver’, Phoenics will show the following screen.

Step 4. After excution of solver is complete, to view results, the users should start ‘Post-processor’. This can be done from the ‘Run’ button of Phoenics. Users should click ‘GUI Post-processor (VR – Viewer)’. Reults will be shown as below.

Comments: The detailed usage of this program can be found at

Copyright (C) of Computer Systems Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, The Pennsylvania State University, 2007